The leading German Piano manufacturer since 1853.

Bluthner was established in 1853 by Julius Bluthner in Leipzig, Germany after he spent years perfecting his craft. His instruments soon received the highest acclaim for quality at world fairs and exhibitions, becoming the largest piano manufacturer in Germany by 1900. Julius died in 1910 and sons Robert, Max and Bruno took over.

The factory was destroyed during World War II, but the East German government permitted the company to rebuild it due to the reputation of the Bluthner piano attached to the nation. In 1972 the company was nationalized, but remained under the management of the Bluthners. With Eastern Europe liberated, the firm was once again owned by the Bluthners. Since 1994 their pianos have been imported into the USA, now distributed by Bluthner USA, located in Lansing, Michigan. In 1997, the "Haessler" brand name was established by Bluthner (Haessler is a Bluthner family name). The pianos are designed, developed and executed in the J. Bluthner factory in Germany.

The Haessler piano line was engineered by Knut, Ingbert and Christian Bluthner. Haesslers were created to compete better in the American market and cost about 25 percent less than the Bluthner line. The pianos are made in the Blüthner factory to similar high standards. In 2003, Bluthner gave technical assistance, final inspection and regulation to the Polish made "Irmler" line; and the "Breitmann" line, made to their specifications, by the Yohahy Piano Factory in China. In 2008 Bluthner discontinued the Irmler and Breitmann lines in the U.S.A. By 2010, Irmler had become a sister company of Bluthner, with Irmler pianos distributed through the Bluthner dealer network.

In 2009 Bluthner purchased the Ronisch brand (originally founded by Carl Ronisch in Dresden, Germany in 1845) integrating manufacture of Ronisch pianos into its factory.


Bluthner History


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