PH Grand

PH Grand piano, world's finest design piano.

Creative genius Poul Henningsen introduced his mind-altering design in 1931 - and it still belongs to the future. Look ahead twenty years. Now look again. There is nothing else like it, and there never will be. It is the first time you see a grand piano in a new light - and it changes everything.

The wooden box is turned into a thing of transparent beauty. It doesn't take up space - it is space. And it creates a place. A place for thought.

This is how music looks. And what you see is what you hear - the sound is brilliant and crystal clear like the concept of the design itself. If you ever get to play it, that is. Because you can't take your eyes off it.




Steel and leather bound with a lightness of being. Graceful legs dancing to the beat of a different drummer. A cover made of crystal clear celluloid, allowing a view of the felt hammers as their movement transforms into sound. The PH Grand Piano, a contemporary work of art.

The PH Grand Piano is a symbol of modernism and represents Poul Henningsen's personal ideal of simplicity above all else. With a celluloid cover held in place by an elegantly bow-shaped, chrome-plated brass frame, the piano was given a fresh, edgy, contemporary expression of the 30´s.

The case and component of the PH Grand Piano are infinitely customisable. It is possible for all of the metal apects of the piano to be presented in the colours and finishes of any individual choice. Similarly, it is possible to customise the leather banding to all preferences and interior settings. Besides, the PH Grand Piano is available with a unique selfplayer system; the system can be controlled by any device (smartphone or tablet) and turns the PH Grand Piano in to the most sophisticated Danish design icon that plays on all senses in life! Basically, the options and opportunities for customisation are endless and it is all about creating the PH Grand Piano with an identity as unique as its owner!


  • Specially constructed Blüthner technique, soundboard & components
  • Clear celluloid cover with chrome-plated brass frame.
  • Leather-bound resonance chamber.
  • Bowed-shaped legs wjth chrome-plated or brushed, matt finish.
  • Altered to 3-pedal contemporary standard.
  • Width: 152 cm, lenght: 187 cm.
  • Weight: Approx. 450 kg.
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