Piano moving


For all your piano moving needs, we offer a full range of professional, fully-insured piano moving services: Local, Long-distance (cross-country, international).

Our professional piano moving team has an extensive experience in moving Concert Grand, Grand & Upright pianos of various makes. At our workshop we build our own In the flightcases for international piano movings and we have professional equipments that ensure safe packing and moving.

At HOUSE of PIANOS, we pride ourselves on the safe transportation and relocation of all acoustic pianos (antique, player pianos, or other keyboard instruments). Our Local coverage area includes all the 7 Emirates in UAE. Our Long-Distance coverage area reaches far beyond UAE & GCC regions; we can now provide international services from UAE to anywhere in the world. 

Piano moving is a complicated and technical task which demands a great deal of human strength and dedication to the art of transporting the value, beauty and essence of a piano. All acoustic pianos are made from different selections of wood, therefore each instrument is “one of a kind” and cannot be replaced if damaged - we appreciate and accept that responsibility. We understand the invested and sentimental value of your piano and always treat it like our own. A safe trip is assured, as your precious cargo is secured within one of our fleet’s vehicles. Your piano will be carefully packaged and carried, with no detail spared. We are properly scheduled and dedicate ourselves fully to every job, moving one piano at a time.


*Please note that an extra charges will apply:

1. AED 200 will apply for moving services provided from 21:00 till 6:00 am.

2. Extra charges for manual lifting on stairs will apply. To learn more on charges, please contact us. 



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