QRS Self-Playing System


 With PNOMation, you can turn any existing piano into a player piano, and so much more too. Not only do you get a super fun player piano, but you’ll  hear the actual songs being performed right on your piano by the artists themselves. PNOMation comes with a library of thousands of great performances, all genres, and all in full-fidelity! 

PNOMation 3 is self-playing piano system which can be mounted out-of-sight. Once installed, your piano will be able to play itself with a great library of pieces for you to choose from. It can express nuanced dynamics and will even be able to use your piano’s sustain pedal. You can control your piano with your phone or tablet and it will even integrate with your Alex and Apple Watch.

Nothing can match the elegance and grace of a live piano performance in your living room. Whether you’re relaxing after work, hosting a party, or just enjoying a romantic evening “in,” we can turn your piano into a source of endless - and effortless - enjoyment without disturbing the natural look, sound, or feel of your piano.

Upright or grand, old or new, we can transform your piano into a player piano with incredible, invisible technology that will perfectly link with your home PC, smart phone, tablet, or wireless internet. All you have to do is select the piano of your dreams, choose the digital features that most appeal to you, and wait while we customize the perfect “player piano” for you.

  • - The most advanced player technology
  • - The most advanced optical record technology 
  • - The best and most comprehensive music content 
  • - Industries best roster of artists




  • - Wi-Fi Direct - there is no internet connection required.
  • - Log on as if it is in StandAlone mode, great for Wi-Fi client setup, loss of internet and any other access without an internet connection.
  • - Wi-Fi Network Client - The benefits of being a client on your network.
  • - Access multiple players on a network, auto updates, auto PNOcloud and PNOmation Cloud backups, ease of access, smart home integration, Amazon Echo, Apple watch and access to exclusive content. Works simultaneously with the Wi-Fi Direct mode.
  • - Bluetooth MIDI - gives you instant access to 3rd party apps without wires. From Piano Marvel to Garage Band.
  • - Bluetooth Audio In - stream content to the system with QRS's secure AMI signal, allowing you to play streaming video performances while you watch them on any of your devices or big screen.
  • - Bluetooth Audio Out - Bluetooth speakers that are up high, the PNOmation system has delay settings for syncing again.
  • - 3G Option - this future feature gives you essential and unique network capabilities without a Wi-Fi network.



HOUSE OF PIANOS is an exclusive and authorized dealer of QRS Music Technologies for the UAE and GCC region with it's head office an workshop based in Dubai.  Our professional and experienced team can install or upgrade any QRS self-playing systems to any Grand or Upright piano. We offer a wide range of systems from QRS www.qrsmusic.com all installed in our Dubai workshop by our fully qualified technician who was trained by QRS technicians in Germany.

A Grand Piano without a Player System is like a driving a car without a stereo. 
We Install and Upgrade previous models to QRS Pianomation III ® This brand new technology features: Wireless control from computer with wireless internet or Android smart phons or iOS wirless devices.smart



QRS was founded in 1900 by Melville Clark (of Story & Clark piano fame) who developed the player piano as we know it today. QRS supplied music rolls to the player piano market, with production peaking in 1927, when QRS Music Company sold 10 million rolls.

The word “pianomation” is a combination of the words “piano” and “automation”. A QRS “pianomation” system makes an acoustic piano play completely automatically, including moving keys. It's also the modern and evolved version of the player pianos (pianola with ‘rolls’). The system can also record piano music and replay it. Furthermore, the piano can be synchronized with an iPad, iPhone, Smartphone of laptop. This perfect mix of tradition and innovation creates an all-embracing multimedia experience!


When a piano is equipped with pianomation, it can be used to its full extent: like any other piano it can be played by the pianist; however, if the pianist is unavailable, the pianomation system creates live piano music. A piano with pianomation always creates the right atmosphere, whether it is used in a restaurant, hotel bar or reception area, or in a private house. With your iPad, iPhone, Smartphone or laptop, you can access a complete music library recorded by well-known artists in many different genres (classical, jazz, diner music, etc.).


In the specifically equipped workshops, the technicians of Pianos Maene can fit out each grand piano and most buffet pianos with a pianomation system. This system consists of one or more of the following elements:

  • QRS Pianomation Engine: This is the heart of the system and consists of a processor module, a power supply unit and solenoid rails. In order to make your piano or grand piano self-playing a solenoid rail is installed under the keys. Using the central processor these solenoids are independently activated with 127 levels of expression. The damper pedal is controlled by a separate solenoid. However, it is important to know that the piano remains perfectly ‘live’ playable, including sustain and sostenuto pedals.
  • Operates on iPad, iPhone, Smartphone or laptop: unlike the former operating system of QRS (Ancho), you no longer need an external operating console (cd-player and remote control) to play music on your piano. Now, you can just use the music library on your iPad, iPhone, Smartphone or laptop, so a complete music library is always at your service whenever you want it. No internet is necessary, no iTunes is required. All music is available instantly when you want it, by the song, album, or collection. Easily customized playlists will deliver the perfect atmosphere.
  • Extension modules: QRS QSYNC coupler for DVD player. Through this module it is possible to synchronise DVDs with the piano. Enjoy your favourite pianist’s concert LIVE at home!

QRS PNOSCAN: MIDI output interface for your piano. Equip your piano with a MIDI output!

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