Strunal Schönbach instruments

Centuries of Tradition experience

Series of Instruments

  • Talent

    Strunal Schonbach entry-level line. They are popular in many music schools throughout the world. These instruments offer standard quality and good tone. They improve the learning process of beginners. Easy tuning and good tone are superior to cheap musical instruments of lesser quality offered at the same market segment. This fact dramatically influences students in their development and learning process.

  • Academy

    these instruments are especially chosen by advanced musicians. They offer higher quality of used material, coupled with better sound. In this segment, the quality of our instruments has received great recognition all over the world.

  • Maestro

    excellent musical instruments with a long tradition of production and proven manufacturing practies. They offer their users the highest standard of quality material and perfect sound. These instruments are designated for advanced students, semi-professionals and professionals.

  • Special

    specially developed musical instruments in the Strunal Schonbach workshops, which meet current trends and desires in the field of musical instruments. They products of this series are attractive due to advanced features and fresh design and are suitable for beginners and advanced, as well as professional musicians.

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